Friday, February 3, 2012


Poland | Roztocze

More beauty. This is Roztocze, a range of hills in Poland and Ukraine threaded through with a river which I think is the Wieprz River. Part of the range in Poland is a National Park. There are many mammal species living there (all my favourites) as well as more than 190 species of bird as well as adorable little Polish ponies!

There are many reasons I love this card. First the white border; most South African postcards have white borders and I find them very attractive. Then the nice font; a quick way to ruin a good card is to use an inappropriate or ugly font. Thirdly the picture is just gorgeous for many reasons. Lastly it came from Poland, which must be one of my favourite European countries!

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  1. such a beautiful old river valley. Love all the meanders of the rivere. Thanks for sharing this card.