Monday, February 13, 2012

All Things Bright and Beautiful

7 Happy Kids

My mom sent me this postcard in 2000 when she was away on holiday. She wrote 'Happiness is these 7 kids". They are all adorable. Children are the future.

I am starting a new meme called Our Wonderful World Tuesday. Do you love our planet? Every Tuesday display a postcard from your collection which shows our world's natural beauty or the diversity of our many cultures or mankind's achievements. Anything that shows that this planet is worth caring for.

art by Melle TRALALA

I do not have any of these cute postcards published by 'Nouvelles Images' but they are on my wish list.


Mü & Me 183: Greetings From The Big Five

If you participate in this first ever 'Our Wonderful World Tuesday' you are eligible to win this Mü & Me postcard by South African artist Daley Muller. If you also leave a comment you will be entered into the draw twice.

Our Wonderful World Tuesday

Copy and Paste this code to have the banner appear on your site.

<div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"><a href="" title="Our Wonderful World Tuesday" target="_blank"><img src="" width="200" height="120" alt="Our Wonderful World Tuesday"></a></div>


  1. I would love to join in! I will be back tomorrow to add my link. Being mildly obsessive about these things, I can't publish early. :)

  2. Done now! I don't have any of the Nouvelles Images cards either. They aren't so easy to find and when I do find them, I mostly send them away. :)

    I hadn't realised Mü & Me were a South African firm. They have lovely cards.

  3. I'm in too, great idea. I find Nouvelles Images can be a bit illusive, I only come across them when I am away somewhere and then like Sheila send them on elsewhere.

  4. Hi, Jocelyn! So sorry I haven't replied, was busy with work. I'd love to join in of course, anything that makes the world a more cheerful place always catches my attention =) but... I cannot guarantee that I can follow the "every Tuesday" rule, due to my intense work at the moment. But of course whenever I can I will. If that's fine for you, then... *high-five*

  5. Hi, I did not get around to post yesterday, but I joined today :)Great idea and a lovely banner!

  6. Hi Jocelyn! Thanks for inviting and for the great idea :)

  7. Hi Jocelyn! I would love to join in. It might take a while though to have the banner on my blog. I'm not a real computer whizz but I'm getting there. Also I'm not too sure if I have any postcards that would portray Our Wonderful World, but I'll try my best:)