Saturday, February 4, 2012

First Bobcat

USA | Bobcat (Lynx rufus) | Order: Carnivora | Family: Felidae

My very first Bobcat has arrived from the USA thanks to Erin and the Choose a Country RR. Bobcats are from the genus Lynx and live in North America. Apparently there are a number of subspecies ranging geographically from the south of Canada to the north of Mexico. All Lynx have short tails, none live in Africa. :( I am exceedingly pleased to have received this very cute cat ^_~


  1. congrats on your first bobcat! I am participating in the A to Z challenge and hunting for interesting looking blogs to follow. I like yours but blogger is making it impossible for me to leave the address of my own blog here because there is no category for "name/URL" My blog is on my own website, so it does not fit into any of the other categories. My blog is at I am hoping that you will fix this blogger comment thing so people like me can have fun and comment easily on your blog too. I made a place holder on wordpress, but that means that if someone wants to visit my blog, they have to click twice.

  2. Hi MimiTabby. There is no way for me or any other blogger user to change the fields in the comments, so I cannot create a field for URLS. Sorry :( It is the same for all blogger users - if you click on their name in the comments you get taken to a blogger profile and from there you can go to their blogs. Anyway I love your site - Black Footed Cats are one of the 7 species of wild felines found in South Africa but I have never seen one. I have met two servals, both in rehabilitation centres and have even touched them. It was an amazing experience. Thanks for visiting my blog and I will definitely link to yours during the A-Z Challenge!

    1. and I will follow your blog as well. You can change how people can comment, though, in the set up of your blogger profile comments, security.