Friday, September 30, 2011

Postcards via Walltype

Via Walltype from Belgium

I am really chuffed with this card I received from Haruki in Belgium. She also used two awesome stamps, one featuring penguins and the other Largo Winch, a Belgian comic book character who looks very James Bond and who I had never heard of. This must be remedied! This card was posted on the 21st so it traveled for 8 days (or maybe less since the post box wasn't cleared on the 27th or 28th) and 9320 kilometers or 5792 miles or 5033 nautical miles.

Via Walltype from Annick in France

Isn't this beautiful? Annick in France bought this card when she was on holiday in Spain. It was also posted on the 21st but traveled 9176 kilometers or 5702 miles or 4955 nautical miles.

Via Walltype from the USA

Kris B writes that she sent me this card because I like UNESCO sites and Lady Liberty is deemed such by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. I think she is also the greatest monument in the world and very inspiring. It was posted on the 20th and traveled 13298 kilometers or 8264 miles or 7180 nautical miles.

Via Walltype from The Netherlands
This is from Maick (MIkeymike) in the Netherlands. We did a private swap. He used a lion stamp on his card from a stamp sheet about South Africa.

Via Walltype from Dini

A self made card from Dini who took this photo of wooden shoes (Klompen in Dutch, clogs to the rest of us) in the region of Limburg. The artwork is amazing! It was posted on the 19th and traveled 9460 kilometers or 5879 miles or 5108 nautical miles

Via Walltype from Poland

A lovely shaped card from Agniescka in Poland showing Ustron, a resort town about 70km from where she lives. I must say that the river scene looks very much like the Drakensburg so I think it is beautiful. This card was posted on the 19th and traveled 8943 kilometers or 5557 miles or 4829 nautical miles. Agniescka also used two lovely stamps and I am especially partial to the one that shows a house that belonged to Dwor w Janowcu k. Pulaw (I assume ^_~)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Maryland Mapcard

USA | Maryland

My first postcard arrived via walltype; a gorgeous mapcard from Cindy in Maryland. It was posted on the 15th of September and therefore took 11 days to travel a distance of 13,479 kilometers or 8,376 miles or 7,278 nautical miles (as calculated by I love the card!

Coincidentally Cindy received her card from me yesterday. It was also a mapcard and she said she loved it ^_^

I also received a card from Jennifer in the USA for a swap as well as a parcel from Ellen Hudson (the store) in the USA. So all mail from America today.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Reaching Their Destination

I have not received any postcards via walltype yet but two of my earlier cards have arrived - I know because the recipients told me, which is very nice of them.

Annick wrote to say she loved my card and she dreams of coming to Africa one day to see wild animals.

MIkeyMike wrote to say that my postcard is blogged here: postcardstravelaroundtheglobe

That's all for now.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

542 days


Today it is exactly 542 days since I last wrote on this blog. (I looked it up here: - don't you just love the internet?) This is equal to 1 year, 5 months, and 24 days. A lot has happened in that time ....

1) I received my membership to Letter Writers Alliance. Yippee, got a nifty badge and everything.
2) I received 3 issues of LEX full of great listings, but felt too shy to write to anyone.
3) I received a lot of letters from but didn't reply to any.
4) I received a brilliant parcel in January 2011 from The Snail Mailer but had no idea why I was receiving it.
5) I wrote a number of letters and postcards and did not post them.
6) I received post from some other bloggers but didn't reply.
7) I received letters from two people interested in being my penpal via interpal but did not post the replies.

However over the past few days I have sent a number of postcards via walltype (which I have fallen in love with) to Romania, USA, France, Thailand, Israel, The Netherlands, Poland, Malaysia, Philippines, Germany, India and Russia. Isn't that awesome?

There is still a lot of mail I need to send. ^_^