Saturday, March 27, 2010

Week 12 of 2010

Chaco Culture National Historical Park

I received this fantastic postcard of the Chaco Culture National Historical Park from PostMuse last Friday. It was posted on the 8th of March from Pittsburgh and was therefore in the mail for 11 days. It is another UNESCO site and the 2nd for my UNESCO collection.

The Cat Postcard Book © 1987 Running Press Book Publishers | Cat and Kitten 1986 by Pamela Higgins Patrick

I received this postcard from Ilona (aka The Missive Maven) yesterday. Isn't it beautiful?

It was posted on the 7th of March as far as I can tell so it was in transit for 18 days from Rhode Island. What's up with that? Lately some mail from and to the USA has been taking an extraordinarily long time to arrive - 6 weeks in some cases.

The information on the back of the card reads:
Cat and Kitten, 1986, by Pamela Higgins Patrick (American). Pastel on paper.

I have been unable to discover anything about Ms Patrick but the postcard comes from The Cat Postcard Book © 1987 Running Press Book Publishers and that can be seen on here.


These are the wonderful stamps that Ilona used and she writes that all except the dragonfly stamp are vintage and more than 30 years old.

The Cardinal bird stamp was issued on 20th September, 1972 and is from a set of 4. The George Gershwin stamp is from a set entitled 'American Arts Commemoration' and was issued on 28th February, 1973. The flowers are for the 1982 Valentines Day and the dragonfly is from 2008.

Since last Friday I have received the following mail:

  • Various stamps I purchased off the internet
  • 3 Postcards
  • A Swap-bot swap
  • 2 letters via
  • The Winter 2010 issue of The Letter Exchange

    I have posted.... nothing. Oh dear. I have been so busy remodeling the shop where I work that I am absolutely exhausted at night. I spent most of today mooching around and doing nothing in particular. I hope to be more productive tomorrow.

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    1. Wow, I'm really surprised it took so long, but I'm glad my postcard finally arrived!

    2. I like your blog alot. just post when you can and build it up. i'll always come back again to read.
      i hope to get to know you.