Sunday, March 14, 2010

Swap-bot swap

I signed up for a swap on swap-bot which I really shouldn't have done because everything was in such a mess, I didn't even know where I could find a pair of scissors in my room (yes, it was really that bad!) and besides which I hadn't made anything in years and I had forgotten how. But now I am ready to post this swap to my partner tomorrow and I am really pleased about it because I am sick of agonising over what I should send.

Faux Postage, originally uploaded by credocola.
The first thing I made that came out right was some faux postage. They look really good ^_~

Envelopes, originally uploaded by credocola.
The first two envelopes I made had to be discarded because I made errors and smudged the paint etc etc. So included are 2 envelopes which I hand painted or designed, 2 made from an old atlas and 3 made from gift wrap.

ATC Kit, originally uploaded by credocola.
Finally I made this ATC Kit and I am really proud of it. It includes:

  • 5 ATC blanks in an ATC envelope – corrugated card, hot pressed watercolour card, textured brown cardstock, plastic (cut from the lid of an ice cream tub), 2 pieces of acetate (materials can be sandwiched between)
  • 3 ATC labels for the back of ATCs
  • 5 ATC envelopes made of various papers
  • 5 pieces of unusual paper ATC sized or bigger
  • 6 ATC sized pieces of decorative paper cut from gift wrap (for backgrounds)
  • Some circles punched from coloured card
  • A selection of images mostly cut from gift wrap and decoupage paper
  • 3 10cm lengths of bias binding and 3 10cm lengths of cotton tape dyed by me in nice bright colours
  • A handmade envelope to hold it all

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