Friday, March 19, 2010

Pen and Ink

On Tuesday morning whilst searching for my mislaid envelope template I found a massive bag of pens and pencils that I have collected over the years (those are some of them pictured above). Most date from my early to mid 20's so they are at least 10 years old. They do not work anymore. In fact some are empty and used up but I kept them anyway because I just couldn't bear to throw them out.

My first real favourite pen was a Parker fountain pen that my aunt and uncle gave me for my 18th birthday. It was a special edition and had two tone blue stripes. I absolutely loved it for about 2 years and then it was stolen off my desk one day. Since then the kind of pens I have tended to like are very thin nibbed roller balls.

However, following Missive Maven's awesome post about her fountain pens and the letter I received from Patty (which was written with a fountain pen) I would like to start using a fountain pen again. I found a Parker in the collection but I know I had others. I just need to find them.

In the meantime I thought I would go and look for ink cartridges. Things have changed a lot since the advent of gel pens and rollers that come in a multitude of hues and now it seems that the only fountain pen ink cartridges you can get are blue and black. How terribly dull. I had visions of addressing my envelopes in Scarlet and Emerald and Violet.

To make myself feel better I bought pink and blue Pentel Slicci 0.7 gel pens. It worked. I do feel better ^_^


  1. Oh my dear, it depends on where you get your ink! I have over 60 different colors of fountain pen ink. However, most of these are in bottles and not in cartridges, because the colors in the latter tend to be more limited. It's a very complicated thing, but some pens (like Parker) have "proprietary cartridges," so you can only use a Parker cartridge in a Parker pen. However, you can refill a cartridge, or use a bottled ink "converter," and then put whatever color ink you want. It's more of an equipment investment, it's true, but if you get a pen that takes "international" size cartridges, then you have a lot more colors available in cartridges. I use bottled ink in almost all of my pens, because, like you say, I like using ink colors like Widowmaker, Sherwood Green, Old Bordeaux, Legal Lapis... etc!

  2. Thats what i am finding . it seems as though if you are willing to use ink ( in bottles) you have much more of a selection that just cartridge. i find in cartridge it is standard blue, black etc. Missive maven knows alot about it. i am following off of her. i got myself some ink, converter and a few new pens.
    The possible choices of fountain pen ink really strikes an interest for me. probably like giving a kid some candy LOL

  3. This is such fun, to find you on IUOMA and clik your blog link and find that you are connected with Missive Maven, whom I adore for her letter writing ink and pens, and personality. I have a Parker that my dad used to have and love it. I have way too many fountain pens and have to resist getting more. I'm enjoying your blog.