Sunday, March 4, 2012

To the End of the Line

Lithuania | Geležinkeliui Lietuvoje - 150 metų | Lithuania Railways - 150 years

The theme for this weeks Sunday Stamps is 'Streetcars or any kind of public transportation'.

I spent an enjoyable hour last night sitting in bed listening to the very welcome rain and looking at all the stamps on my postcard collection. I have received some amazing stamps! People are so considerate and usually send me animals (my favourite theme) which is wonderful but means there are very few trains, planes or automobiles.

Geležinkeliui Lietuvoje

However I finally found two. The one above is from Lithuania and was issued on 8th August 2009 to celebrate 150 years of Railways in the country.

From the Lithuania Postal site (translated by Google):

In February 1851 the czarist Russian government took the decision to build a railway line in St Petersburg-Warsaw, the Lithuanian territory which had spread through the towns as Ignalina, Vilnius, Lentvaris and Varena with a branch through Kaunas to Kybartai (Virbalis), and then reached the Prussian frontier.

According to Google maps if I were to drive from St Petersburg to Warsaw today (on existing roads) it would be a journey of 1,205 km and take approximately 16 hours and 55 mins. I would drive past Kaunas which is where the postcard came from. Marvelous!

Patrimonio de la Humanidad

This second stamp is from Chile and was issued on the 12th of July 2010. It quite clearly says 'Trolebús' on it which means 'Trolley' in English however I had no idea what 'Patrimonio de la Humanidad' meant. According to Google this Spanish term translates to 'Heritage'. In fact this stamp is part of a set of 4 that commemorates the heritage and culture of the city of Valparaíso in Chile, nicknamed 'The Jewel of the Pacific'.

Valparaíso Heritage

Sunday Stamps

This is the end of my post for Sunday Stamps #60 but before I go here is Judy Garland and the chorus of 'Meet me in St Louis' singing the Trolley Song.


  1. The distances the Russians constructed the railways always astound me, a great way to travel and stopping on the way. Interesting to have heritage trams, love Judy Garland, I'm going to be humming that now.

    1. It's stuck in my head too! But there are worse things to have in there ^_^

  2. I always enjoyed travelling on the'double decker' trains - on the top deck with a window seat of course.

  3. i love the Lithuanian train-stamps...i just wish i had the chance to get a ride on a double decker train...must be an experience one of a kind :)

  4. When I clicked the trolley stamp, I somehow ended up on a Google+ page that showed all your stamps in a collage arrangement. I thought this was really cool, but I couldn't figure out how I got there and couldn't do it again.

  5. ahh! any post featuring the trolley song gets my vote! wonderful stamps and song!

  6. Both are really wonderful stamps. And that is one of my favorite movies.
    Thank you for participating.

  7. It's my ambition to make a long distance train journey one day. It would be a wonderful way of seeing a country.

    The Judy Garland song I know well but I've never seen it in context before.

    Late with visiting - I've been away, still am in fact.