Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Saw a Ship a-sailing

Hong Kong | Chinese Junk

After seeing Fabienne's post showing traditional boats in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam I decided to post this lovely junk I received only yesterday.

Junks were first in use about 2000 years ago during the Han Dynasty and evolved over time to be used in long sea voyages. They are still in use today in their modern form.

The English word 'junk' comes originally from the Chinese word 'chuán' which means a boat or ship.


  1. Thanks for the invite to join this blogfest :)

    The junk is lovely indeed. In my observation, it travels faster than the Star Ferry. I regret being unable to have even just one ride...

  2. Looks the perfect day to be scudding along the South China sea.

  3. Boats seem to be THE theme this week ;-)

  4. Beautiful card, really eye-catching!

    I am *SO* sorry to have been so disorganised this week and to have forgotten to post a contribution. I was so pleased to have kept things going while I was away that I relaxed too much when I got back. Total chaos was the result.