Friday, October 7, 2011

Mail Received 6 October

PC via sendsomething from Idaho

This beautiful postcard from Karen via shows the Sawtooth Mountains about 2 hrs drive from her home in Boise, Idaho. This card traveled 16753 kilometers or 10411 miles or 9046 nautical miles in 2 weeks.

PC via walltype from Romania

Another fantastic card from Anca (lilkillah) in Romania this time showing the Putna Monastery. Stephen the Great fired an arrow from a hill and the where it landed was the site chosen by God for the Monastery. The building is amazing but the roof is the best part. I wonder what it is made of?

PC via walltype from France

A third postcard from Anne in France. This one shows the famous white horses of the Camargue region in the south. I was pretty mad about horses in my early teens and the horses of the Camargue were one of my favourite breeds. I love this card.

Letter from Misty

I also got a notecard from Misty in this gorgeous envelope. She also sent me two postcards and about 10 used postage stamps from various places incl. USA, UK and Malaysia. This is my first letter in ages and I will definitely reply ^_~

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