Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gulo gulo

Wolverine Stamps issued by Russia 2004

The theme this week for Sunday Stamps is mammals and Viridian has used a lovely stamp from China of elephants. I have seen lots of elephants - not Asian ones of course but African ones, because I live in Africa. But the stamps I have chosen are of an animal I will probably never see in real life because it is so rare and found only in the far North, the mysterious cold North. This animal is the Wolverine. It's Latin binomial is Gulo gulo which translates to glutton. The wolverine is a fierce killer, a poacher of the prey of others and a scavenger of carrion who likes to cache it's food under the snow and return later - hence it's reputation as a big eater. Anna wrote on her postcard that they are called the 'demon of the taiga'.

These two stamps come from a set of 4 released by Russia in 2004. This is what the whole set looks like:

Wolverine Set of 4

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