Wednesday, September 21, 2011

542 days


Today it is exactly 542 days since I last wrote on this blog. (I looked it up here: - don't you just love the internet?) This is equal to 1 year, 5 months, and 24 days. A lot has happened in that time ....

1) I received my membership to Letter Writers Alliance. Yippee, got a nifty badge and everything.
2) I received 3 issues of LEX full of great listings, but felt too shy to write to anyone.
3) I received a lot of letters from but didn't reply to any.
4) I received a brilliant parcel in January 2011 from The Snail Mailer but had no idea why I was receiving it.
5) I wrote a number of letters and postcards and did not post them.
6) I received post from some other bloggers but didn't reply.
7) I received letters from two people interested in being my penpal via interpal but did not post the replies.

However over the past few days I have sent a number of postcards via walltype (which I have fallen in love with) to Romania, USA, France, Thailand, Israel, The Netherlands, Poland, Malaysia, Philippines, Germany, India and Russia. Isn't that awesome?

There is still a lot of mail I need to send. ^_^

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