Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Funnies

This weeks theme on Sunday Stamps is 'faces' and I found the perfect stamp to illustrate this theme: Lo and behold ... the great Calvin and Hobbes in their most famous pose.

Calvin & Hobbes

This postage stamp is from a 2010 USPS series called Sunday Funnies and also features Garfield, Archie, Dennis the Menace and Beetle Bailey. Read more about the series on the USPS Stamps website.

I received the stamp on a postcard from the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden showing Manatees. They also have very expressive if somewhat mournful faces. Awww so cute!

Check out Sunday Stamps to see more.

Sunday Stamps


  1. Some fine faces. Looks like the manatee have turned up for a family photograph, fascinating creatures.

  2. I always loved Calvin & Hobbes - their faces on this stamp are perfect.

  3. Calvin & Hobbes have passed me by. Great manatees.

  4. After hearing recently about those manatees caught in a well, I now know how massive a creature they are. They do have a mournful face.


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